Hubby’s Roadside Rescue Table Renovation

20 thoughts on “Hubby’s Roadside Rescue Table Renovation”

  1. It turned out so nice!! I love your table-top decorations too!! Great make-over! New follower of your blog! Please come and visit us at too!

  2. Oh Wow – how did I miss this post? I remember the rescue. This turned out amazing – well done you! And great tip about the furniture wax – will try it next time I paint a piece of furniture xx Nat

  3. The table turned out gorgeous. It's good to know about that stain stopper product. I've done projects in the past where the old stain kept seeping through white paint…that probably would have fixed it. I came by from Roadkill Rescue today. New follower 🙂

  4. What a great job you did on that table. Makes it all worth it huh? You can use that little table for so many uses and places in your home. I'm envious, wish I had it. Good job girl.Wish we could find stuff like that here doggone it.

  5. Try this again..besides loving your chair, it is a nice thing to hear someone else has problems with furniture. And what is even better is also hearing someone else makes their own chalk paint! I love re-doing furniture. I do a lot of it. We have kids on their own, one bought their first home, another in college and elderly parents on a budget. We redo, fix and help everyone of them. To be able to do what I love at very low cost makes me happy. And to be able to help furnish my kids homes, redo my parents furniture, and redo my husbands parents furniture on a budget makes everyone happy. Especially me. Now we have a nephew who moved out on his own without any furniture. He called us first. : ).

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