Roadside Rescue – Desk Chair Reveal!

13 thoughts on “Roadside Rescue – Desk Chair Reveal!”

  1. Hi Julie, Thank you so much for linking up your Desk Chair to Project Queen's party last week. It turned out awesome!

    I will be featuring it tomorrow night at the highlight party.

  2. There is a chair that has sat on the neighbor's yard with a “FREE” sign on it for a week – or two. It has a cane backing that is ripped… and has sat through some drenching rains. I want to take a closer look but I know it doesn't have enough flat surface to play like this. I need to look closer to my own home… like inside it. 😉 When my mother was first married – 1944 – she had some furniture she painted white and cut out roses and vines from wallpaper and decoupaged it on to freshen it up – dressing table and chair, I think. I didn't appreciate it at the time (but it was there from the time I was born…) but she was a woman before her time!

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