Blue Dresser Part 2 – The Makeover!

37 thoughts on “Blue Dresser Part 2 – The Makeover!”

  1. I love the color and how it seems to have a little “texture” to the front. (Maybe it's just the photo). Love it with the black and white scheme. This piece is so versatile, it could be used in many places. Great job!

  2. A great find and a great transformation, it is so very pretty now. I also love the gray color and I really like how the white around the top really make sit pop. Very stylish looking! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay!

  3. I have been DYING to do a grey and white transformation! I love yours, and the fact that it was, like, FREE?? HELLLOO! Perfect 🙂 And I can only imagine your hauling it home. I have a Honda Accord and sometimes I am shocked what I can shove in the back of my trunk. Long as I have my bungee cords! WOOT! 🙂

    (Vising from Cowgirl Up linky, btw).

    Thrift Diving

  4. Oh, I meant to add, too– Check out my blog and click on the tab “Upcoming Projects.” I have a cute little white vanity that I am planning to do grey and white as well! I just haven't gotten to the bedroom yet; still working on my reading room! 🙂

    Thrift Diving

  5. This dresser could not have turned out more perfect. I've already pinned it. Love the white handles. Well done! I'm visiting from Funky Junk and love your blog. I'm following with GFC and Linky. Liked your FB page too! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. You did a great job on your dresser. I love the white trim you did. I found you from Common Ground and I am now following you. Your blog is great.

  7. That turned out just beautiful and I love how you did the white accents! I have a dresser like it too that I bought gray paint for last year maybe after seeing yours and being so inspired I'll get to it!
    Following you now and found you at Primp!


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