Vintage Armchair French Inspired Makeover!

25 thoughts on “Vintage Armchair French Inspired Makeover!”

  1. Hi Liz! Thanks. I surprised myself with this one. When I first looked at it I began to wonder if I had made a hasty purchase, but it came together fine. However, next time I might check how much reupholstering I need to do first. 🙂 x Julie

  2. I too have been a little scared to do the reupholstering on my chairs. I did take one completely apart…and that is where I stopped. I really need to finish it before we move. Thanks for the inspiration…your chair is beautiful!
    Creatively yours, Lori

  3. That is a gorgeous makeover! I have a char that I need to give a similar makeover, but I keep postponing it, I am just too scared. You did an awesome job!

  4. Julie, You did an amazing job. I recently picked up a chair very similar to yours. I haven't been brave enough to tackle it yet though. You've given me some courage, I just hope it turns out half as nice as yours did. Thanks for sharing, Dee from My Painted Stuff.

  5. Thank you for sharing on Blog Stalking Thursday. You did an amazing job and the chair looks fabulous! You have been featured with this week's party! Don't forget to stop by and grab the feature button and wear it proudly!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Julie you have inspired me so much sonce I last write to you. Love your blogs so much that you have given me the courage to do a few little projects. I have done a little halltable…and am working on a little french provincial seat (for end of bed). I have also purchased a similar lounge (actually it is identical I have been driven mad to find one similar since I missed out on EBAY purchase – actually obsessed is the exact word!!!. Can I please I cannot find the white chalk paint you mention in the blog? All the hardware shops say it is not by the makers of the real chalkboard paint (they only do black and green – White Knight) so is this the name of a brand of paint. I am sorry to bother you but I cannot believe how much inspiration you have giving me…I can actually do it…I am so pleased with the hall table. I wantedto do it like your turquoise one but ended up white with a waxed timber finish, which goes better in my house. (slowly getting the french prov with a touch of eclectic!!!) look. Thx so much you are so wonderful and very kind to “share” your projects on blogs. Sharon Gray

  7. Hi Sharon, I'm so happy for you! We don't have actual chalk paint in Australia. If you google Annie Sloan you will see it is very popular in the US. We have to make our own using 1 cup of flat paint and then adding 1 tablespoon of unsanded or very fine grain grout. You can get a huge bag at Bunnings very cheap. I find it a bit gritty though and have recently veered away from it. You will have to start your own blog so you can show me all your lovely creations. Lovely to hear from you again. x Julie

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