Thrifty Find – Old Swan Shaving Mirror

13 thoughts on “Thrifty Find – Old Swan Shaving Mirror”

  1. It's pretty – I would leave it as is. The ones with the swans on the sides of the mirror are worth over $100. I don't know about that one particularly, but I am sure it is worth something! It won't be at all if painted.

  2. Julie,
    Great find.And yes I have seen photos of things on blogs or pinterest and suddenly I am on the hunt for it LOL.
    I think you should leave this piece as is.The patina is amazing.

  3. Hi Julie, so glad you came by. I agree, don't paint it, unless you just cannot live with the gold/brass color. I have two of them, each slightly different, but not near as pretty as yours with the swan. I'm not sure of their age, but my thinking is that they must be from the early 1900s. Any later than that and I think they would have a different design. I'm sure I paid no more that 20 dollars each for mine several years ago at a flea market, but they ARE worth much more than that.
    Hope you're having a great week!

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