My Lounge Room & Dining Room Tour!

10 thoughts on “My Lounge Room & Dining Room Tour!”

  1. You have some lovely painted pieces and great space in your rooms too. The colours and accessories are very pretty. Just wondering, but have you ever considered pulling that gorgeous painted sofa/settee forward onto the edge of the area rug and making a little grouping with the matching chairs? The wood floors and french doors are wonderful too.

  2. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the suggestion. I had my lounge like that before and given the room is a difficult “L” shape, I ended up having a dead space in the corner which never got used so I've tried to open the whole area up. I agree though that it would probably look better. Thanks for commenting! x Julie

  3. May I just say congratulations! This is an amazing transformation. I am sure it was a lot of hard work, but what a lovely space you have now. I love the use of white, with the hits of blue and turquoise. It looks so peaceful and airy, I would love to live there. The shutters on the wall are genius, the little white secretary desk is magnificent and the makeover of your couch and chairs is beyond recognition!! I love you r use of accessories and that you didn't clutter the space. Well done, now relax and enjoy it for awhile before the next project!

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