Bathroom Makeover HELP PLEASE!

3 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover HELP PLEASE!”

  1. Hi Julie, hope I can help a little. I would go white (maybe distress the vanity a little?) Leave the floor terracotta – turquoise goes well with orange – so will go well with the floor. Also google colours to go with the terracotta – you don't want to “match” it – but to compliment it. I would leave the floor as it is as bathroom floors take quite a beating especially with kids around. Good luck xxx Nat

  2. Thanks Natalie! Yep, I was considering maybe a large rubber backed mat to cover most the floor might be the way to go, and nicer on the feet and warmer all round than the tiles. I've crossed out painting them entirely. I was all for white too, but have been Googling like crazy for weeks and am leaning towards a pale green theme now. Thanks again, it's nice to get second opinions and toss ideas around. x Julie

  3. Oh yes a large mat – didn't think of that! Thats a great idea. I'm sure whatever you do will look fab Julie – I love your decorating style xx Nat

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