My New Ikea Lounge!

10 thoughts on “My New Ikea Lounge!”

  1. What a great new sofa! Looks comfortable to me!Buying furniture is never easy.Especially something you will sit in to watch television.It must be comfortable.It is almost as hard as buying new shoes!

  2. I am GREEN with envy…love IKEA and their furniture (& slipcovers. I bought one of my chairs with them and 8 years later, it is holding up well! My couch is over 15 years old, not even mine, it was the first couch my daughter and her then new husband bought she changes every other year (couch's not husbands), and I always liked it so I scooped it up. But 15 years down the road…it's time and I've had my eye on the Ektorp, although this one's very nice too. Congrats on your new purchase!!

  3. Hi Whitney. I made the numbered ones from drop cloth and number stencils. The ruffled white one I made from a larger square cushion cover that came with our bedroom quilt cover, and the other one I got at Target for 40% off.

  4. Hi I have a question how is your sandby? I'm redoing our living room which is VERY long and narrow and came across this sofa but have yet to see it in person our closes Ikea is 2 hours away so I'm doing an impulse buy :). Is the brown pretty in person I really would like white but I have a newborn.. HELP lol sorry for ranting

  5. Hi Daniella, Congratulations on your new baby! I hope it is all going well. The Sandby is a great choice for a narrow room. I love ours. It is a firm lounge, but I like firm and if you are breastfeeding firm would be good. The colour is a really nice chocolate brown. I think it would not matter if you got white or brown, all fabric lounges are going to stain. Good thing is you can wash the covers or buy new ones relatively cheaply from Ikea. Good luck! And thanks for dropping by. Julie

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