Our Christmas Chandelier 2012

2 thoughts on “Our Christmas Chandelier 2012”

  1. The tree branch was creative and unique, but I love this look, so shabby, rather romantic and beautiful. I love the color of the shutters, I had a wall in my living room about that color, but when I painted the other 3 walls a very dark tan or as my Sister calls them chocolate milk, the color no longer looked so great…my Sister thought so, but it felt like cool and warm clashing. But as your shutters are not a whole wall, if it is an accent color you will still have, it would be a great way to keep a color you love in the room. I don't think that was much help, huh? hehehe! I happen to love that color…
    Crafty Hugs,

  2. Haha. Yep, totally no help Pendra. Too funny. Maybe I'll paint the wall first, then tape a sheet of white cardboard over them for a few days and then decide. I love the teal too, but thinking I'd also like a change. Looking back, painting in between those little slats was such a pain the first time…. 🙂 x Julie

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