Are you a Words or a Picture Person?

5 thoughts on “Are you a Words or a Picture Person?”

  1. Hi there Julie! You are so funny but true:) I too do the exact same thing with my small blog BUT I too have decided to break the cardinal law and start getting a bit more personal and chatty with my posts.Other bloggers have said dont get personal and dont post pics of your family etc etc etc…I never felt connected kinda just like I was skimming along not quite knowing where I fit in until I finally decided to do what I like and if people like it then Great! Thank you for posting this:) I LOVE your blog!!

  2. I have found a wonderful community here in blogland and I've met some of the most special people. I have found so much inspiration, creative resources, DIY tips, techniques, patterns, templates, etc., but the thing I remember most…is the people and their stories! It's a risk to put yourself out there and what if no one responds, but what if someone does…it's worth the risk for the connection! I'm listening…

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