Lounge and Dining Room Makeover – The Big Reveal!

18 thoughts on “Lounge and Dining Room Makeover – The Big Reveal!”

  1. I love the dining room in black and white. The sign you stenciled is awesome. Think i am going to try it. Your home is lovely and sooooo neat and beautiful. can you come decorate mine! Pretty Please. Wish I was as talented as you. But you have truly inspired me, and have given me many ideas . Thanks Julie.

  2. Thanks Carol Jane. Hehe, it's never this neat with 2 littlies, but I do try! 🙂 It took me ages to figure out what style I really liked and there is so much inspiration from others on the web as well. I'm sure if you try you will surprise yourself. 🙂 Good luck! x Julie

  3. hi hon,
    it's all looking so lovely! i especially LOVE your black ebay display cabinet – so lovely to have met the people who made it!
    well done!
    Claire x

  4. Julie,
    Thanks for finding my blog now I have found you. I love your blog and the restyle of your dining room and lounge!!!! Ohhhhhh I love every picture. I am putting you on my fav blog list my dear. Love your style. It is cozy and warm and so inviting. Love it all. One picture is better than the next!!!!

  5. I absolutely love your room! The mix of neutrals with all the black is just great and I especially love your curtains and how you styled that black hutch. Following your blog.

    Have a great day!


  6. What a beautiful space!! Can I move in? I love your colors, your great framed quote, and your number pillows. I bet you love spending time in there. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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