The Christmas Itch

5 thoughts on “The Christmas Itch”

  1. Hi Julie,
    You crack me up because I have been doing the same thing. Thinking about my decor for this year. I too cannot wait. Since I do not do Thanksgiving and my daughter does I start really early like the first week end in November. I have a Christmas celebration with family that comes in for Thanksgiving the day after so I am glad I can get my home decorated to feel in the mood for our Christmas celebration all together.

  2. That sounds really wonderful Kris. I won't feel guilty starting in November now. 😉 I was in Myer (a major department store in Australia) today and they had their Christmas decorations out so I don't feel too guilty. I was tempted to buy some decorations but figured I might try to DIY them cheaper. Perfect reason to start early. x J

  3. Hi Sandy, we don't really do Fall/Autumn decorating in Australia. We go into Spring, then a Summer Christmas. So I'm sort of itching to do some festive decorating. Though, your Halloween is really starting to catch on here so I guess I'll get the kids involved in some spooky decorating before then. x J

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