A Funny Thrifting Story

4 thoughts on “A Funny Thrifting Story”

  1. Funny story! I can't believe you found that on the side of the road–we never have curbside items like that. I have put things in front of the house a couple times and they are always instantly gone–and generally they are junk! Ugly junk, not cool junk:) That set is just plain pretty!

  2. It is pot luck here. Funnier, was the same house where I picked up a cool chest of drawers last year. Memories….hehe. I wasn't a thrifter until a few years ago, so I would have put something like this out myself and not thought twice. I actually got some side tables at a yard sale around the road and then hated them so put them out the front. They were gone the next day. Then a few months later they were outside a different house around the road for junk. Wonder who has them now. 🙂

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