Dulux Whites – Colour Help Please!

3 thoughts on “Dulux Whites – Colour Help Please!”

  1. I feel your pain Julie on paints and how they react in each room to the light. I usually take a chip and hang it on the wall morning, noon and night so I can see how the color will look each part of the day. Good luck with all the white choices. I have used Behr Cottage White and it is white but with a tint of grey. With that said in each room it takes on a subtle color. I have mixed it with greys and creams and whites easily and it seems to keep it colors throughout the different light that comes into the room.

  2. Thanks Kris. We don't have Behr here but I just looked it up and it seems quite creamy on my laptop (again, the colour looks different on the computer!). But I have seen your walls and love them so you picked a wonderful colour. I can see how there is a hint of grey there too. I had a big discussion with hubby yesterday and we both agreed on Dulux Natural White. It is No. 2 favorite colour on their website so I've gone with majority. I've been painting non stop so hopefully I'll get the living room finished today. It is looking good this morning so fingers crossed! Thanks for your help Kris. x J

  3. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. For some reason your comment didn't come up in my emails, so I'm replying here. My bff found the chairs in a charity shop and knew I would love them, she's the best !
    Paint colours are such a dilemma, but my house is mostly white because I have so much stuff it's a good backdrop. Also my house is small so white makes it feel bigger, and I just go for basic brilliant white.
    Good luck with choosing, I'm sorry I can't be more help. Following you back !

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