Black Vintage Desk Makeover

12 thoughts on “Black Vintage Desk Makeover”

  1. This is beautiful. I have question though and I hope it is not too dumb. When you wiped off the paint with a wet cloth to create the distressed look was the chalk paint dry? Does it just wipe off? Or was it still wet and you went over it to remove some of the paint? is sort of a dumb question but I just started using the chalk paint and I like it a lot. I would love to do more projects like this using it. Thanks!

  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for dropping by and I'm more than happy to help answer your questions. I make my own chalk paint from flat white paint (usually ceiling paint as it is cheaper) (however I used flat black paint for this table which I bought in a small bottle) mixed with grout. It rubs off either wet or dry on the table. For this desk, I waited till it dried with only the one coat, then wet a t-shirt and wiped it over, carefully taking off bits here and there. I chose not to sand the paint as I wanted to keep the colour of the original varnish peeking through and not sand down to the bare wood. Given this paint can be water soluble, I always seal all chalk paint with clear varnish or clear furniture wax. Good luck! 🙂 Julie

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